Monitor Third Party JavaScript For Changes

Script Scanner monitors third party JavaScript files for changes and alerts you when a change is detected.

Any third party JavaScript running on your website, such as analytics, social media or payment scripts, can be a security risk. These scripts can make changes to your website and are common targets for hackers.

With Script Scanner’s continuous monitoring, you can protect your website, your website’s visitors and your brand’s reputation.

Third Party JavaScript Changes

Why You Need To Monitor Third Party JavaScript



Any time you include someone else’s third party JavaScript on your website, there is an underlying security risk.

Hackers are constantly targeting third party JavaScript, because it is installed on multiple websites, with full access to make changes, to your website.

Can you risk not knowing what has changed, when the third party JavaScript on your website changes?



Changes in third party JavaScript running on your website, can have knock on effects on how your website looks and performs.

Third party JavaScript can cause display problems, or slower website performance. This can reduce your number of visitors and also harm your ranking in the search engines.

How long will your customers wait, if third party JavaScript affects your website, before leaving for a competitor?



The UK’s data watchdog has fined airline British Airways £20 million, ($26 million US dollars), having proposed a much larger fine .

This is for a data breach, reportedly caused by an malicious change in third party JavaScript running on their website, which went undetected for more than 2 weeks.

Could your business survive a large fine for a data breach, caused by undetected changes in third party JavaScript?

How Script Scanner Protects Your Business


Continuous Monitoring

Script Scanner monitors your selected third party JavaScript files around the clock, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We are constantly looking for changes in third party JavaScript code, even if the code has been minified.


Change Notifications

When Script Scanner detects a change in one of your monitored third party JavaScript files, an alert is sent to your chosen notification address.

We can send notifications to both an Email address and / or a Slack channel of your choice.


Differences Highlighted

Every Script Scanner alert includes a full html difference file. This diff file clearly shows the changes between the old and new third party JavaScript files.

Using this diff file your website team, can quickly evaluate the changes, and protect your website.

Protect Your Website With Script Scanner’s Continuous Third Party JavaScript Monitoring


Yes, almost certainly you do.

Any analytics, advertising, chat, payment or social media functionality on your website will usually be activated on your website by third party JavaScript files.
Simply add the URL of the third party JavaScript file within your Dashboard, when logged in, and Script Scanner will start monitoring for changes.
Script Scanner looks for any changes in third party JavaScript file size or in the cryptographic hash, which is calculated from the contents of the file.

This hash creates a unique ‘fingerprint’ that will change if the third party JavaScript file changes.
Depending on your subscription plan, Script Scanner can monitor your selected third party JavaScript scripts as often as every 10 minutes.

You can select to monitor different scripts at different intervals, including every 8 hours, every 4 hours, every hour, every 30 minutes, every 20 minutes and every 10 minutes, if allowed by your subscription plan.